Tuesday, 7 February 2012

chugging on school premises

so what is the deal can someone please tell me with this constant request for money? His royal highness 1 (HRH1) started reception in september and i was caught off guard. in nursery i sort of just ignored/ forgot/ eventually got round to donating as the whole school thing was a bit of a shock to the system. but now he is a fully fledged member with uniform and book bag it's almost impossible to continue my dreamy, i'll have it tomorrow i promise approach.

life is complicated enough. switching off from work and getting back into mummy mode twice a week, keeping parents happy as they do the school runs, being cleaner, cook, diy-er, bank manager you know the score and then trying to look sultry and seductive at night for baddaddy when really all i see when i look in the mirror is a terrifying mess. the last thing on my mind as i run out the door to work or attempt to be just in time for school is a flipping pound. but i will try if only for the sake of HRH1 who the last time i forgot promptly told me off and looked at me as though i had been very very naughty.

if only they chugged once at the beginning of term and asked for a tenner up front. i could deal with that. but no. someone told me the point was to encourage charity donating from a young age. so making yourself feel good about 'helping' without really doing much is dressed up as philanthropy. great.

and now you think i am tight and stingy eh? well no on the contrary, i think people should do more to help others and i have seen my parents do so my whole life. they sent money abroad and have helped many many people. but they and others like them in the diaspora supporting and enriching lives back home aren't really recognised or valued in the media. instead we kid ourselves that giving one pound will make a difference and that getting really stuck in isn't necessary. we don't look at the poverty on our doorstep or the fundamental causes of poverty worldwide.

ah so what do you do i hear you ask while calling me a miserable so and so. well nothing really, just a bit of volunteering each week. but i teach inner city kids which i sort of think is doing my bit especially when they're not listening and i want to give each one of them a slap. is that enough to justify what looks like selfishness? perhaps not... i guess i'd better start remembering to send the kid in with that pound then eh, even if it does mean i raid his money box, take out a 100p loan and attempt to pay him back later.

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